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my BELOVED Panther kitty boy NEEDS prayers of healing

Posted by marespooscats 2667 days ago Pets| cats bladder heatlh cat needs healing

Panther is a black just turned 6 years old kitty boy with SUCH a ZEST for life. Panther, cannot pee on his own - the PU operation has failed and he has neurological damage to his spine or?

PLEASE Pray that this Wednesday, Nov 3 at 10:30 AM is the Beginning of the beginning and NOT of the end. He sees a Urology specialist at UD DAVIS to see if she can help him pee. If Davis cannot help he has to be put down and then I want to die! He is SO SO SPECIAL AND DEAR! He IS the JOY of my life! PLEASE Pray he is cured and can come back home and live healthy and happy for YEARS yet! PLEASE!
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