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Posted by secretlygracious 2680 days ago General| contest idol football jersey love
Dear God, I have been an avid participant of different promos, both online and not. This morning, I've read my Fabregas' tweet, he said that he'll be conducting a draw, and the lucky winner will win a "signed-football-jersey." He has more than 100k followers, and I would like to win the draw. Please do pray for me. I'm such an ardent fan. If I get to win this one, I promise and God knows what I c Read More
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Love Request Urgent Prayers

Posted by supergirl376 2684 days ago Relationships| love pray urgent
Please pray for me urgently. The man I love with my whole heart and soul is acting totally irrational, and I am so scared of losing him. He means everything to me, and he is all that I have in the world. Please pray that we can be together! God bless you always. Read More
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pray for our strength

Posted by aliceg 2704 days ago Relationships| boyfriend kids love help strength
My boyfriend and I have to be separated because his children do not want to accept me. Please let our God given love prevail. Let God smooth over everyone's objections. Grant me the strength overcome my fears that I will lose my boyfriend. Grant us both peace. Read More
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Pray for Stacey, Pray for our Marriage

Posted by charliet 2807 days ago Relationships| love marriage grace hope faith
Please pray to God to soften Stacey's heart and to re-ignite the passion, love, and desire between she and I. Please ask God to fill us with his grace, faith, and love. Please ask God to watch over us and ensure we rebuild the marital bond we took in his name. Read More
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I Request Prayer for Another Chance

Posted by myrab 2814 days ago Relationships| realtionships love
I pray that my relationship with the love of my life,Carmen will be restored.I know she loves me very much. I must have hurt her,somehow.Last week,something happened and I don`t know what it was.My name is John.I love Carmen with all of my heart,and I would like another chance with her.Thank You,John Read More
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I found love and I never want to lose it

Posted by hope7 2927 days ago Relationships| love young last relationship 14 15 teen
I am a young 14 year old girl about to be 15 who has been in love with the same person for three (3) years.All my life i had felt that something was missing but when I found him I know that he was the missing piece.We are together now and I only want this relationship to be blessed by god.I posted here because..lately I have felt left out by him...sometimes I even feel that I am not good enough f Read More
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Relationship and Career

Posted by Tunny 2942 days ago Relationships| love career
Please pray that God grants me favour in my career, and love in my relationship so i will not be broken but i will testify to his faithfulness. Read More
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GOD to touch her heart

Posted by leon 2972 days ago Relationships| love
Anita and I was to go to church last night to start a new year and start how life together as one and I have not talk to her since wednesday when i ask her what time to pick her up.Please ask GOD to touch in a special way to see I love her and need her in my life and wife. Read More
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Please pray for my marriage during separation

Posted by Timothyk 2987 days ago Relationships| wife love family marriage
Please pray for the Lord to work in my wife Heidi's heart, that she will choose reconciliation and restoration of our marriage over divorce. We have been married for 21 years and have 3 sons. Please pray she can get past the hurts of our past and see that our marriage is worth keeping. Please pray that the Lord can transform me into the man she needs to see. Read More
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Please pray God gives me strenght

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3011 days ago Relationships| jason boyfriend love
Hello, Recently my boyfriend Jason and I broke up. Though many hours of pray went into keeping us together,it was obviously not meant to be. I still love him with all my heart and it just does not seem over. please pray the Lord gives me strenght to do what is needed to be ok. Read More
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