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tenant for my sister house

Posted by rose 1428 days ago Money| loan tenant
please pray to our lord that my sister finds the right tenant to house at the earliest.The lease amount from this is required by her to payoff her loans she is worried lord please guide her.Let her find the suitable tenant who help she solve her financial problem completely Read More
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loan sanction and early loan amount disperse for my sister

Posted by rose 1552 days ago Money| house loan
please pray to our lord for the home loan approval and sanction for my sister's house they are worried and desperately looking for a miracle from our lord jesus.Please lord please let the registration of their house complete without any hassle let the loan required by them get dispersed at the earliest .Please lord guide and protect them Read More
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house loan with low interest rate and approval

Posted by rose 1617 days ago Money| house loan
Please pray to our lord Jesus,That we may find the bank with lowest possible home loan interest rate which will approve our loan and that our loan gets approved and we are able to get the house registered at the earliest.
This is all our saving and this is all that we have as our finance.
Also pray for my sister for the same intention. Read More
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For Job and Health

Posted by kanwal 2978 days ago Career| thyroid tumor loan
Jesus I ask you to heal my thyroid and tumors in diffrent part of my body.I also request you to bless my work in Sharjah UAE and finish all loan is taken by my boss on my name.Bless me O lord. Read More
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A swindler receives a credit in your name, and discover only after 6 months.

Posted by robertzertovcki92 2990 days ago In The News| bank euro invest finances loan
It takes at the average more than 200 days before he realized the of identity stealing and may be 580 if the swindler has activated a credit card with data of others. Read More
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