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Help getting a job

Posted by ButterflyGirl 1522 days ago Career| job jason heather income
Hello, please pray for my boyfriend Jason and my friend Heather to get jobs. Heather is struggling to find a job and Jason went for an interview and this is his dream job. Please pray that he gets the job please. This will also help us because we want to get married but can't if he has no income. please pray for them. Read More
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Please pray for my job

Posted by karthik 2658 days ago Money| debt job
Hello everyone my job is about to end and I need money to pay back my educational loan.I am in desperate need to have the job. Please keep me in your prayers thank you Read More
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Job-domain change acceptance

Posted by rose 2702 days ago Career| job acceptance
please pray that i get this role in my company.This has been my dream and pray that my profile has to be accept by the senior management in client environment.and im accepted in this new role .please pray that my pray that my prayer is heard Read More
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Prayer help for me. Lost job

Posted by mkaringih 2926 days ago Career| job
I lost my job last year and still haven't found one yet. I am requesting that this situation will change and with God's help i will be working once again. I need to move out of home because it is causing a strain on my parents which i would not like to keep doing.
Please pray for me that i will find a place of my own soon and get a job once again.

Thank you Read More
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pray for my sick boyfriend, his healing,our job, our marriage , our future, and my inferiority complex

Posted by miley 2953 days ago Relationships| sick boyfriend his healing job marriage
i'm suffering from inferiority complex from my childhood.everyone says i'm a waste,useless,good for nothing and one values my existence except my lover.though I've been a class representative,the hospitality committee leader in my college i feel too inferior. I've been placed in two companies during campus recruitment.if someone else was in my place they would have felt too superior.but s Read More
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Posted by lytlebf 2965 days ago Money| husband job
Please pray for my husband that has been out of work for three months he has three job possibilities right now pray that one he will get. Pray if its gods will that it will be the one close to us so we don't have to relocate. Read More
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Husband Unemployed

Posted by lytlebf 2995 days ago Career| husband job depression
Please pray for my husband that he will find a job soon. Pray that he will not remain depressed. Read More
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Prayer for help in my current situation

Posted by Roza 2998 days ago Money| finances money job
Please pray for healing of all my finances and for me finding a very good job that I will enjoy and that will reward me generously. Thank you. Read More
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Posted by metalhead41 3015 days ago Money| housing job debt
need a FINANCIAL MIRACLE..facing foreclosure in 30 days, need major surgery, job..and STABLE WORK...things couldnt be WORSE right now for my family..TRULY NEED A FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH.....i just witnessed a friend who was in a coma from a motorcycle wreck come out of it...I KNOW GOD IS ABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Read More
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Husband will find Job

Posted by lytlebf 3016 days ago Career| husband job depression
Please that my husband will find a job soon. Please pray that it will be close to the place that we live. Pray for him that even when he puts up a good front he seems a little depressed. Pray that we will continue to seek god.
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