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Healing of stomach/lower abdominal discomfort

Posted by Miguel 2339 days ago Health| healing stomach discomfort
PLease pray that I may be free from stomach discomfort and accompanying nausea and that I may sleep well and be open to God's healing power. Read More
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Please pray for my mom - she's in critical condition

Posted by solja7 2751 days ago Health| mother mom healing health critical
My mom diagnosed with brain aneurysm. Her brain blood vessel is ballooning because a disorder. She's very health and now she's in a critical condition. The ballooning vessel might break anytime. I read many sad stories about brain aneurysm. I hope my mom will make it through and she can be healthy again. I feel depressed because there's nothing I can do right now. It's all beyond our control. I c Read More
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tooth trouble

Posted by Miguel 2829 days ago Health| tooth trouble healing
Please pray that I may have no trouble with a tooth from which I have lost a filling.I can't see a dentist for work reasons for some time.May I experience God's wholeness and peace here. Read More
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Posted by sutton 2999 days ago Money| healing debt meetings
Please for HEALING my throat and chest and acids that burn.
Please Pray for I owe 6,940 pounds maintenance debt.
I need help in making a decision to buy a PC or PDA that would help me make money and manage my business.
Please help me with 3 up and comming meetings 1) ATS 2)Harper 3) HOdder> Help me with right angle and pitch. Read More
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Prayer for marriage, for healing and reconciliation to come

Posted by Timothyk 3002 days ago Relationships| wife healing marriage
Need continued prayers for my wife's healing, for God to place forgiveness in her heart for me, and that she will want to move toward the restoration of our marriage. I have told her that I want to reconcile, and have done all that I can to let her know that I want our marriage forever. She has told me she doesn't know if she wants our marriage anymore, and doesn't know if she will ever trust me Read More
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Posted by Shannon 3019 days ago General| healing
Lord I pray that you will heal our world and all those people that are sick and need your deliverance and that you hold each person in your arms and bless every one of us. I pray this in Jesus name Amen Read More
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Posted by Jeremy 3021 days ago Health| spiritual attack miracle healing
I have been very sick for 1 1/2 years and have been through pure torture, and no drug or alternative seems to help, and most of the time I feel like I am dying. I have been attacked everyway possible before and after this. My brain, flesh, and every aspect in life. I need God to heal me and give me supernatural strength as I battle so that I may serve Him. May he send His angels and deliver me an Read More
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employment, healing, deliverance

Posted by Miracle 3029 days ago Career| good employment healing deliverance
I am almost out of savings and still cannot find good employment. Please pray that I will get and be able to keep good employment before the month of november is gone. Also, I am in desperate need of total healing, deliverance, and restoration in every area. Please don't forget me, all these requests are very urgent. Sincerely, Miracle Read More
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Healing prayers for our dear nanay esing

Posted by Malotte 3031 days ago Health| healing
Please pray for healing for our nanay esing. She has been in pain for almost a month now, back, shoulder and left arm pains. Pls pray that this is nothing serious. There is nothing impossible with God and I know that with the prayers of other people, she will be healed. I thank all those who will pray for her and I pray for them as well that God may continue to use you as a vessel of blessings to Read More
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Exams and Jason stress

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3032 days ago Relationships| jason exam love talking healing
Hello, please pray for me. i am writing my exams very soon but my relationship trouble with jason is hindering my concentration. we love each other very much but we are not talking. * my friend Tumi and her boyfriend are also having problems and she also writes exams. please pray for both our exams and healing in our relationship. Read More
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