About Please Pray For

Welcome to Please Pray For (pleaseprayfor.org). This site is setup for people to submit their prayer requests online and for others to offer their prayers and thoughts for someone in need.

After reading a request, if someone's story touches you and you would like to keep them in your thoughts click on the "Pray" button to the left of the request. This way, that person and the rest of the community can see the power of prayer and the effect it can have one someone.

We have organized prayers into these categories, in case there is a particular group of people or situations that you would like to focus your prayers on:

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Once you have made a request, feel free to come back to the site and update your request to let the community know if you prayers have been answered.

Some things to keep in mind, is that this site is setup to help people. Any hatred, attacks, racism, sexism, or negativity will NOT be tolerated. Also, please be respectful of other people's faiths and beliefs.

Thanks again for visiting PleasePrayFor.org. You will be in our prayers.

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