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Prayers for Miley

Posted by meganje 2664 days ago Pets|

I'm asking prayers for my 13 week old boxer puppy, Miley. She was recently diagnosed with Salmon poisoning. After being misdiagnosed, a day went by with the incorrect medicine being given to her the poison transferred to her brain. She is now being treated properly, but the vet thinks it may be too late. I am asking that God can give her the strength to fight for her life, and that God can be her Read More
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my BELOVED Panther kitty boy NEEDS prayers of healing

Posted by marespooscats 2667 days ago Pets| cats bladder heatlh cat needs healing

Panther is a black just turned 6 years old kitty boy with SUCH a ZEST for life. Panther, cannot pee on his own - the PU operation has failed and he has neurological damage to his spine or?

PLEASE Pray that this Wednesday, Nov 3 at 10:30 AM is the Beginning of the beginning and NOT of the end. He sees a Urology specialist at UD DAVIS to see if she can help him pee. If Davis c Read More
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Prayer for Belinda

Posted by belindagirl 2669 days ago Pets|
Please pray for our Belinda to be healed of all illness. God bless! Read More
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Love Request Urgent Prayers

Posted by supergirl376 2684 days ago Relationships| love pray urgent
Please pray for me urgently. The man I love with my whole heart and soul is acting totally irrational, and I am so scared of losing him. He means everything to me, and he is all that I have in the world. Please pray that we can be together! God bless you always. Read More
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My Panther kitty boy DESPERATELY NEEDS Prayers of healing

Posted by marespooscats 2679 days ago Health| cats health

He has a dysfunctional bladder and it does not pee when it should. He is on meds for this but they are not working. His bladder was so full today Vet had to anesthestize him to put a catheter in to empty it.

They are putting him on MORE meds but if this does not work they have to euthanzie him.

He is ONLY turned 6 years and a dearer kitty boy will never be!

PLEASE Pray the new meds do Read More
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Physical Healing for my mother

Posted by onebullet 2755 days ago Health|
Please kindly pray for the physical healing of my mother, Amparo A. She has stomach cancer and is suffering so much. I need your prayers badly.
Thank you very much. Read More
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job and good health

Posted by dolly 2685 days ago Career| job and health
for last 5 month i am searching for job but i am not geeting proper job plz pray for to get the job i this month only and pray for my health. Read More
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injured athlete

Posted by taci103 2686 days ago Children| injury football kid
Please pray for a young football player who was unable to move after being tackled in a junior varsity football game today. He has been brought to the hospital and is in need of our prayers. Read More
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marriage restored-renewed

Posted by pleaseprayforus 2686 days ago Relationships|
please pray that my husband and I work through our issues, remember that love brought us together, and we pray for God to keep us together. Please pray that we both have an opened heart, that we both have understanding, patience, love, and forgiveness in our hearts. Please pray that we both remember the good times as well as the bad because honestly we have had more good times than bad-but the Read More
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Reconciliation/Get to be a dad

Posted by MarkyMarkH 2688 days ago Relationships|
Myself and my partner split due to interference from her family - Theres now a baby involved, who I've not seen. Her family have moved in, and werent exactly pleasant with me, so I don't want to go up there in case things get nasty. We split 5 months ago, and my daughter is 2 months old, I just want to be part of her life Read More
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