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Please pray for Catherine

Posted by mike 2651 days ago Children| child prayer prayer request catherine
Please pray for Catherine ... She was rushed to the hospital after she threw up & passed out. They discovered she had a massive anurism (at age 13). She was flown to Children's Hospital where they did emergency surgery. There is a lot of swelling and there are issues with her getting the proper amount of oxyen. Things do not look good right now. Please pray for her & her family Read More
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My fiance of seven years left abrutly after I discovered he was watching porn and confronted him on it.

Posted by 1cosmo 2655 days ago Relationships|
Michael really needs God right now. I feel that he is on a dark path of self destruction. Read More
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Need a Miracle for 8 year old Elle - Time is running out

Posted by mike 2658 days ago Children| elle cancer prayer miracle

A friend has an 8 year old daughter named Elle who has been battling a brain tumor for the past three years. Unfortunately, they recently received news that the brain tumor has become very aggressive. There are few options left and it looks like Elle will not be with us much longer.

Please pray for Elle to have strength during this time and for a Miracle. God loves to do the impossible... Read More
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Posted by lydia888 2677 days ago Relationships|
I would like prayer for my friendship relationship that it grows strong and we get closer and we start with a good foundation of love trust faithfulness and good communication, that he draws close to the lord that he excepts Christ as savior he does believe in God but I want to lead him to the lord I like prayer that the lord moves in his life bring him conviction about the world and that he does Read More
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Posted by secretlygracious 2680 days ago General| contest idol football jersey love
Dear God, I have been an avid participant of different promos, both online and not. This morning, I've read my Fabregas' tweet, he said that he'll be conducting a draw, and the lucky winner will win a "signed-football-jersey." He has more than 100k followers, and I would like to win the draw. Please do pray for me. I'm such an ardent fan. If I get to win this one, I promise and God knows what I c Read More
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trying to remain hopeful with a relationship

Posted by Jewnie 2689 days ago Relationships| true love soul mate forgiveness
I recently took a large risk in love. It went poorly, but there are still strong mutual feelings both ways. This person is my soul mate, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I need a chance to prove my love to this person, and to be in a loving stable relationship with them. I am trying to stay hopeful but I often become overwhelmed. I would like prayers/warm thoughts/happy wishes, Read More
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pray for our strength

Posted by aliceg 2704 days ago Relationships| boyfriend kids love help strength
My boyfriend and I have to be separated because his children do not want to accept me. Please let our God given love prevail. Let God smooth over everyone's objections. Grant me the strength overcome my fears that I will lose my boyfriend. Grant us both peace. Read More
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PCOS is healed and i conceive successfully

Posted by rose 2690 days ago Children| treatement success conceive
Please pray that my PCOS is healed and i Conceive i have a checkup tomorrow. please pray that the current treatment is successfull and i conceive,undergo a complete and successfull pregnancy(I had two miscarriage earlier).
Im having a lot of pressure from family side on this matter.
Please pray that God all mighty hear my prayer and tomorrow's and following visits for the treatment is smo Read More
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Healing and salvation

Posted by Marks 2656 days ago Health|
Pray for Jeremy to end all the afflictions both physical and mental and bring a complete restoration back to where he should be. Becky kidneys and bladder to be in good health, Laurie spiritual maturity, Joshua 10 yrs old- salvation, Hannah 4 yrs old- Lungs and breathing problems no surgery for adnoids and salvation, Mike - salvation, Luba's daughter healing of curvature of the spine. Read More
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Posted by faithful822 2657 days ago Career| restored employment
I've been a federal employee for five years and thru no fault of my own I've been removed. Please pray that my pending legal claim restores my career. Pray I am able to financially care for myself because the legal bills are mounting. Pray for me and favor. I am trying to remain positive and hope filled. Yet I just bought a house and new car in the past year thinking I had a secured job. Pl Read More
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