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2 year old dead in closet

Posted by mike 2008 days ago Children| cournoyer
As a 2-year-old girl lay dead in the closet of a South Dakota home, another child invited two young neighbors over to take a look. The adults in the home, who were binging on drugs, didn't call 911 until some 14 hours later, police allege.

Taylor Cournoyer, 21, and Laurie Cournoyer, 29, are charged with failing to notify police of the death and five counts of child abuse related to other chil Read More
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A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a 15 year old football player

Posted by mike 2008 days ago Children| prayer request

A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a football player, who fell dead after what is believed to be a completely innocuous collision during a traditional afternoon practice. Read More
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Prayers for Mahjabeen

Posted by m2a 2018 days ago Children| health prayer request mahjabeen
Young Mahjabeen is critically ill and fighting for her life. Please pray for her health and speedy recovery. Read More
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Posted by mae 2050 days ago Relationships|
Lord jesus ,im here again help me touch ELROY DUSBABEK lord pls pls pls help me send some your angels to him and he can realize what he did .lord i wanna talk to him ,and pls help me he calm down and not hate me ,you know i didnt do anythign bad to him ,lord hurt so much .
pls give me a sign im begging you i tried to help my self ,lord if you have plan for me help me ,i need help pls grant my re Read More
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career growth

Posted by rose 2107 days ago Career| career
Please pray that my promotion request gets approved during this cycle itself..its been pending for a very long time now...Please pray that our lord hears this humble pray.I really need this promotion now...please lord hear my pray..please do not deny it.. Read More
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Exams to start soon

Posted by ButterflyGirl 2123 days ago Education| exam prayer
Please pray that I am able to pass all my exams so that I can start my future as a teacher. thank you Read More
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help with tormenting spirit

Posted by jamesduran 2218 days ago Health| father spirit evil unclean tormenting
hello, i have a tormenting unclean spirit inside me for quite some time and i dont know what to do - can you please help me out!

james edward gerard fox Read More
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Sleep & Calmness

Posted by Miguel 2277 days ago General| sleep calmness peace daily life
Please pray that I may sleep deeply and soundly at nights and that I may experience greater calm and the peace that passeth all understanding in all the circumstances of my daily life. Read More
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Posted by Marks 2267 days ago Health|
Agree with us according to Matthew 18:18, 19, 20 And PRAY in agreement together WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21, 22. For my dear wife. Also pray the same for Jeremy to be delivered from anxeity attacks and that he would be restored to normal state of mind. Let all the glory be to God. Read More
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Pray for Aunt Jane

Posted by mike 2259 days ago Health| health jane prayer request
Please pray for my wife's Aunt Jane. She is in the hospital after breaking her hip and is not doing well. Read More
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