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loan sanction and early loan amount disperse for my sister

Posted by rose 1552 days ago Money| house loan
please pray to our lord for the home loan approval and sanction for my sister's house they are worried and desperately looking for a miracle from our lord jesus.Please lord please let the registration of their house complete without any hassle let the loan required by them get dispersed at the earliest .Please lord guide and protect them Read More
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Blessed viewing

Posted by hedgelayer 1661 days ago Money|
Dear Lord, we pray that you bless the viewings on our property and that the viewers buy it. Please take this burden from us. Amen Read More
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house for us

Posted by rose 1679 days ago Money| house
please pray that we get a good house.
All our finance depend on it
Please God help us,this is all our saving
please protect and guide us
God you are our protector and our guide.
Please help my sister as well Read More
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A Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Posted by jkenei 2602 days ago Money|

I come before you Lord in Jesus mighty name as the provider and redeemer of all situations and problems. You are the Lord. You have all provision. My financial mountains are real and threatening. I speak to the mountains by faith and say to them – “be made moved”. I ask for wisdom and faith to target a spiritual warfare at this obstacle. Make it move Lord Jesus. Move out of the pathway. You sai Read More
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Financial Help

Posted by cunujun 2643 days ago Money| wealth economy cash-flow
praying for financial help for me to support my family being a single parent. Read More
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pension moneys owing

Posted by Miguel 2642 days ago Money|
Please pray that the USS company pay me my pension,which owing to somebody's omission they have failed so far to do, and that monies may be forthcoming soon Read More
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Please pray for my job

Posted by karthik 2658 days ago Money| debt job
Hello everyone my job is about to end and I need money to pay back my educational loan.I am in desperate need to have the job. Please keep me in your prayers thank you Read More
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To make right decsions.

Posted by crlobofan 2751 days ago Money|
I continue to mess my life up. I know the things I do are wrong and continue on. I am in such financial trouble I am not sure if I am on topm or bottom of the heap. Why do I continue to get myself in the shape I am in? Please pray fro guidence for me and a swift kick in the pants if I put myself her again. Read More
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Posted by JoanaJ 2703 days ago Money| aunt demnetia & money
My Aunt has dementia and 3 years ago she helped me with some finances and I was her trustee. Today she wants the money back and I do not have it and she is taking it to an attorney. I have helped her for 11 years whenever needed and now she is disowning me. I am devastated and need a miracle to help her stop this crazy thinking. PLEASE JESUS I NEED YOUR HELP. Read More
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Please pray for our first home.

Posted by Zahboo 2778 days ago Money| family debt credit mortgage
We are trying to purchase a home. We are currently in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. We have each room doubled up to fit our family. We have three generations in this house and have met hard times. Our landlord doesn't want us to own any animals, but they are a part of our life and we have found a home with more bedrooms, still 2 bath and I pray we can get it. It's an REO for only $14000 but our credi Read More
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