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Healing and Fast Recovery

Posted by Sushi 1568 days ago Health| icu
Husband fell broke leg in several places, moved to ICU because BP dropped.Is on dialysis. Read More
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Prayer for Harry's health

Posted by rose 1806 days ago Health| health husband
Please God he should have something minor and it should be detected and healed.please lord heal him completely.Let the Doctor find something minor effecting his health and heal him.
Lord jesus please help us we are always facing some or the other health issues earlier it was me,now him.Lord please help us lord please restore our trust in you .please protect and guide us.Let it be something minor Read More
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help with tormenting spirit

Posted by jamesduran 2218 days ago Health| father spirit evil unclean tormenting
hello, i have a tormenting unclean spirit inside me for quite some time and i dont know what to do - can you please help me out!

james edward gerard fox Read More
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Posted by Marks 2267 days ago Health|
Agree with us according to Matthew 18:18, 19, 20 And PRAY in agreement together WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21, 22. For my dear wife. Also pray the same for Jeremy to be delivered from anxeity attacks and that he would be restored to normal state of mind. Let all the glory be to God. Read More
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Pray for Aunt Jane

Posted by mike 2259 days ago Health| health jane prayer request
Please pray for my wife's Aunt Jane. She is in the hospital after breaking her hip and is not doing well. Read More
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Freedom from stress

Posted by Miguel 2324 days ago Health| self stress alleviation
Thank you for those who prayed for me recently.My nausea has gone.Please pray that remaining stress symptoms may disappear and that I may find peace. Read More
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Healing of stomach/lower abdominal discomfort

Posted by Miguel 2339 days ago Health| healing stomach discomfort
PLease pray that I may be free from stomach discomfort and accompanying nausea and that I may sleep well and be open to God's healing power. Read More
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Please pray in agreement

Posted by Marks 2424 days ago Health|
Please continue to pray in agreement for my Christian wife she has severe pain in neck, shoulders, and knees. And is under spiritual and physical attack. Pray for her to be loosed and healed by God according to Matthew 18:18,19,20 And PRAY in agreement together we me in according to Matthew 21:21,22 Also pray for our son Jeremy to be delivered from all spiritual and physical attacks. That all of Read More
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IUI today-pls pray

Posted by einnaoj 2454 days ago Health|
Today I have another IUI procedure. please pray that we get preg. Hub and I have been wanting a baby for a long time. Pls pray for no complications and that I do well because I will be there by myself. Read More
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Healing and salvation

Posted by Marks 2479 days ago Health|
Please continue to pray for my Christian wife she has severe pain in the hands, and feet, and tail bone.(Psalm 107:6) Last night she was spiritually attacked. Also pray for our son Jeremy to be delivered from all afflictions and have clear emotions and thinking, and to be granted much relief and comfort as well. Read More
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