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please pray that we may find the best house at the earliest

Posted by rose 1659 days ago General| house
house for us please guide and lead us to the best house for us,Lord our guide and protector.
Lord this is all that we have, we have never enjoyed our fancy desires but saved up all for our house .Please lead us to the best house for us.
all our visit and house hunts are leading to nowhere.
please help us lord .
protect us from selfish and cheating landowners
Help us in finding the best house Read More
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Sleep & Calmness

Posted by Miguel 2277 days ago General| sleep calmness peace daily life
Please pray that I may sleep deeply and soundly at nights and that I may experience greater calm and the peace that passeth all understanding in all the circumstances of my daily life. Read More
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Help me Lord

Posted by scoot2john 2365 days ago General|
Lord I pray for all those who need your help and are not aware of your presence. I pray for those who hate me. I pray for those do not like me. Lord i want to come back to you lord please accept me. Please forgive me for my sins. Read More
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Prayer for protection from evil!

Posted by saint419 2437 days ago General|
Please pray that God will remove all wicked people from my path and that He will send holy angels to watch over and protect my father, mother, brother and me 24/7. I ask this in Jesus' holy name. Amen!

Jose :o) Read More
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Spiritual growth 2011

Posted by Miguel 2588 days ago General| prayer spiritual growth 2011
Please pray that I may grow in God's grace through this year and make more time for prayer and silence. Read More
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Posted by secretlygracious 2680 days ago General| contest idol football jersey love
Dear God, I have been an avid participant of different promos, both online and not. This morning, I've read my Fabregas' tweet, he said that he'll be conducting a draw, and the lucky winner will win a "signed-football-jersey." He has more than 100k followers, and I would like to win the draw. Please do pray for me. I'm such an ardent fan. If I get to win this one, I promise and God knows what I c Read More
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Telephone Out Of Order

Posted by Miguel 2714 days ago General| telephone out of order
PLease pray that our telephone, which is important to us, may come back into working order or be replaced very soon Read More
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My Mom's Death

Posted by Wonka20092010 2705 days ago General| grief consolation comfort

It was February 16th, 2010, my mom's birthday and she's turning 54, and then, a shocking moment begins, a call from the doctor, it was my mom died of bladder cancer. My sister; Shana was crying and I was so scared that my mom was dead. Few days later, me and my sister sitting down at the table and talk about my mom's death. But now, me and my sister are still here, still blessed, and still holdin Read More
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Court on home and property

Posted by Dottie 2822 days ago General|
Please pray for me that when I go to court in August that the judge will make my ex-husband pay me for the years that I took care of him & that he grants me my home and property back to me.
Thank You,
Dottie Read More
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my daughter's jeep

Posted by motheroftwo 2823 days ago General| daughter vehicle
Please pray that the mechanic can really fix my daughter's jeep. This is the only vehicle that she can afford to have. Please pray that the Lord gives the mechanic the wisdom and honesty to fix her car. Read More
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