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career growth

Posted by rose 2107 days ago Career| career
Please pray that my promotion request gets approved during this cycle itself..its been pending for a very long time now...Please pray that our lord hears this humble pray.I really need this promotion now...please lord hear my pray..please do not deny it.. Read More
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exam starts today

Posted by ButterflyGirl 2479 days ago Career| exams favour help
Hi All,

I start my uni exams today. please pray i remember everything i wrote, read and studied. also please pray the exam goes in my favour. thank you Read More
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Posted by faithful822 2657 days ago Career| restored employment
I've been a federal employee for five years and thru no fault of my own I've been removed. Please pray that my pending legal claim restores my career. Pray I am able to financially care for myself because the legal bills are mounting. Pray for me and favor. I am trying to remain positive and hope filled. Yet I just bought a house and new car in the past year thinking I had a secured job. Pl Read More
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job and good health

Posted by dolly 2685 days ago Career| job and health
for last 5 month i am searching for job but i am not geeting proper job plz pray for to get the job i this month only and pray for my health. Read More
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Job-domain change acceptance

Posted by rose 2702 days ago Career| job acceptance
please pray that i get this role in my company.This has been my dream and pray that my profile has to be accept by the senior management in client environment.and im accepted in this new role .please pray that my pray that my prayer is heard Read More
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prayers for a job

Posted by celmaang 2702 days ago Career|
I have been praying to GOD for more than 7 years that GOD will provide with a job i badly need for me to earn a living but GOD has not answered my prayers all this years, it affects me badly Im miserable and desperate why GOD has not answered my simple request for a job Read More
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need meeting to go well

Posted by jean 2715 days ago Career|
Please pray this meeting goes well today. If not I have let my family down. I need this job, Or I will lose everything!!! Read More
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Please Pray For Robin

Posted by cirrus1965 2716 days ago Career| teachers employment work education
After 18 months, Robin, a computer science teacher, finally had a promising interview today. Please pray that the administrators look on him favorably and offer him a position with the school.
God Bless Read More
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to get a job

Posted by Jowile 2754 days ago Career| jobs
Oh Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth I need job,please hear my prayers. I have been with no job for two years now, I have applied right and left with no luck, I need a miracle, to get a job as soon as possible. Thank you Jesus Christ as you will provide a job for me. Amen Read More
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I need god's grace

Posted by racette 2742 days ago Career|
My life is a big mess and lot of commitments that i'm not able to live up to. Read More
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